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Lin San Temple 灵山寺
Main Hall Front View

Lin San Temple is built with fully air-conditioned. The main hall of Lin San Temple is spacious. This allows the visitors to practice the Buddhism in a pleasant and quiet setting. It has high ceiling so that the environment is elegant and comfortable. 

When visitors enter Lin San Temple’s main hall, they will be greeted by a tall exquisite Buddha Shakyamuni (釋迦牟尼) facing the entrance.

9 Rows of Niches in Lin San Temple Columbarium
Arrangement of Niches

The Columbarium Hall is located at the back of Main Hall. The Columbarium Hall is divided into multiple partitions which consist of columbarium niches and ancestral tablet worshipping suites.

The niches are beautifully arranged in series. There are total 9 rows in each columbarium niche suite. Every niche is well-designed. The front panel door of niche is crafted with the blossoming lotus with Buddha sitting in it. The blossoming of the lotus symbolizes the establishment of a spiritual connection with Buddha, through which one realizes eternity. Inside the niche, there is a clear transparent glass for family members to view the urn placed inside. The family members could paste the photo on the glass and decorate the niche by placing the miniature items inside the niche.

Niche Panel
Niche Panel
Inner Design of Niche in Lin San Temple
Inner Design of Niches
Freehold Memorial Tablet
Freehold Memorial Tablet

The ancestral tablets in Lin San Temple are crafted from gold.  Each ancestral tablet could accommodate up to 4 names as engravings, as well as 4 photographs, with ancestors’ names and photographs to be positioned in the middle of the plaque. The LED lights are built in to enlighten the blessings of ancestors.

There are total 15 rows ancestral tablets, which row 1 to 6 are at the bottom session, 7 to 12 at the second session while the row 13 to 15 are at the highest session.  All ancestral tablets are placed in the worshipping suite which is adjacent to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (地蔵菩薩).

Lin San Temple Ancestral Tablets Suite
Ancestral Tablets Suite
Lin San Temple Ancestral Tablet
Ancestral Tablet in worshipping suite
Lin San Temple 灵山寺 Construction Progress
Wall for Little Buddha
Little Buddha
Little Buddha

The wall of Little Buddha is situated at the back of Buddha Shakyamuni (釋迦牟尼). This brings the individual or family who sponsors the Little Buddha to have full of blessing throughout the year. 

Lin San Temple Office
Office at Story 3
Lin San Temple Visitors Resting Area
Lin San Temple Visitors Resting Area

The office of Lin San Temple is located at the story 3. Visitors could come to this office to enquire about the events and activities of Lin San Temple or process the purchase order. A spacious resting area is also provided for the visitors.

To have better customer service experience for the products of columbarium niches and ancestral tablets, please contact us to arrange the appointment for the visit to Lin San Temple.  

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