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Lin San Temple (灵山寺), newly rebuilt Buddhist Temple which is fully air-conditioned, consisting of rare and unique Freehold Columbarium Niches and Ancestor Tablets. The whole building is 3-story height, providing a comfortable, quiet and elegant environment.
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Lin San Temple Blessing Ceremony
Lin San Temple Blessing Ceremony at Main Hall
Lin San Temple 灵山寺 is rebuilt along Geylang Lorong 12
Lin San Temple 灵山寺 is rebuilt along Geylang Lorong 12
Lin San Temple Blessing Ceremony at Ancestral Tablet Worshipping Suite
Ancestral Tablet Prayer Suite
Lin San Temple Blessing Ceremony at Columbarium
Lin San Temple
Buddha at Main Hall
Lin San Temple Ancestral Tablets Suite
Ancestral Tablet Layout
Lin San Temple 灵山寺 Construction Progress
Little Buddha at Main Hall
Lin San Temple Rebuild 灵山寺 佛像
Buddha near Ancestral Tablets

Lin San Temple (灵山寺) is designed to be fully air-conditioned, allowing relatives and friends to pay their respects to their deceased loved ones in a pleasant, quiet, and elegant setting. Lin San Temple’s entire structure has a three-story height. The main hall is on the first and second levels, with exceptionally high ceilings, while the third story will be used for Prayer Hall and future expansion, including columbarium niches and ancestor tablets.

When guests enter Lin San Temple’s main hall, they will be greeted by a two-story tall exquisite Buddha (seen in the photo) who sits in the main hall facing the entrance. The space behind Buddha at the back of the main hall is divided into three autonomous sub-halls called Dynasty 1, Dynasty 2, and Dynasty 3.

The current section of Dynasty 1 has not yet been made public. This area has been set aside for future development.

This hall is mostly used for ancestor tablets in Dynasty 2. There are 15 levels or rows in total: Rows 1 through 6 are at eye level, which most customers would consider. 

This hall is made up of nine levels or rows of columbarium niches in the Dynasty 3. Most customers prefer to choose Rows 4–6 because they are at eye level.

Lin San Temple 灵山寺 Interior Design

It is rare to find the freehold columbarium niches in Singapore. The total number of niches are very limited and only up to 2000 units only!

Each door panel of niches features a miniature Buddha seated among lotus flowers, symbolizing good fortune for the future generation and rest in peace for departed loved ones.

** Pre-launch Offers for Niches **
– $4000 discount (double niche) or $2000 discount (single niche) 
– Each double niche receives two free Yellow Beeswax Liu Li Urns (Limited Period)
– Additional Cash Rebate (within same sales closing period): Up to $2000 (for 100% downpayment)

Layout of Columbarium Niches
Layout of Columbarium Niches
Niche Panel
Niche Panel
Lin San Temple 灵山寺 Columbarium Niche 骨灰塔
Columbarium Floor Map

Also, it is rare to find the freehold Ancestral Tablets in Singapore. There are total less than 1,000 Ancestral Tablets available in Lin San Temple.

The colored glaze elements used on the ancestral tablets represent steadfast confidence in filial piety and appreciation, like a rock. Up to four names, with or without photographs, could be etched on the ancestor tablets of Lin San Temple.

** Pre-launch Offers for Ancestral Tablets ** 
– $2000 discount  (limited period)
– Additional up to $1000 cash rebate 100% downpayment within same sales closing period.

Lin San Temple Ancestral Tablets Suite
Ancestral Tablets Suite
Lin San Temple Ancestral Tablet
Ancestral Tablet in worshipping suite
Lin San Temple 灵山寺 Ancestor Tablet
Ancestor Prayer Hall Floor Map

Freehold Lease

Lin San Temple is one of few Buddhist temples in Singapore that provides the Freehold lease of columbarium niches and ancestral tablets. Since the lease is freehold, the departed loved ones could stay in the same spot forever with peace-of-mind.

Pre-launch Promotion

Lin San Temple is giving the attractive discount for the pre-launch prices. The promotion will end once the construction is completed. Some portion of the payment collected will be donated to the temple for the construction.

Comfortable Buddhist Temple

Lin San Temple is built with full air-conditional and modern design with Buddha sitting in the Main Hall. Visitors could immerse in comfortable and peaceful Buddhist temple environment. The building is 3 storey height and the prayer hall is spacious and elegant.

Payment Options

Lin San Temple encourages the afterlife pre-planning and offers the monthly installment with 0% interest. Customers could choose the repayment period up to 48 months. This reduces the financial burden of family members as there is no need to take up the lump sum cash at last minute.

Ideal Final Resting Place

The columbarium niches and ancestral tablets are located at floor 1 and 3 in the temple, near to the Buddha. The departed loved ones are always being blessed by the Buddhist chanting daily and having the good final resting place.

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